Plague Inc.

Plague Inc.


The current global pandemic has affected our lives severely. We have been confined to our houses for an unknown amount of time and nowadays, due to the lockdown, we are mostly all at home with a lot of spare time. While we hope that the COVID-19 spreading will be reduced, we want to share a mobile game with you that we recently found on the Google Play (it’s also available on the Apple App Store and Windows Phone Store).

This is Plague Inc, a strategic game that starts with us taking control of a bacterium with the purpose of infecting the entire world!

While this may appear like an immoral game, it gives us extensive knowledge about how infections start and proliferate on our loved planet. Plague Inc. also uses several terms that we sadly had to learn these days, and it can also teach us what to do to stay safer, so we found it more instructive than harmful.

Back to our “adventure”, in the beginning we have this bacterium, and we need to choose the country or the region where to start the infection. Now the attack begins, and voila the patient zero is sick (patient zero is the first person that gets infected by a new disease).

While the infection is spreading, scientists, governments, and other institutions will try to stop it, so we need to keep the bacterium healthy, more durable, and stronger empowering it using DNA points. We get these points by popping bubbles that are appearing when a new country is infected or when a cure is introduced.




Covid-19: Plague Inc to kill the fear:

If we keep the bacteria strong enough our infection will spread to other countries and increasing its strength, the bacteria will begin to give fatalities.
More countries infected mean that scientists or entities from several countries will try to stop the infections with more complex medicine and treatments. We need to be careful about how we use the DNA points to empower the bacteria if we want to infect all the world.

Plague Inc. will give us a lot of information about how bacteria and infections spread, how they get more durable, and how they affect people. It will help us in learning how we can keep ourselves safe in the current situation of the outbreak.

We got the news that the first country has fallen and this will happen in more countries with the time passing. The difficulty will be increased as most of the countries close their borders and go to lockdown. The most challenging part will be when we target the countries that are making a cure.

We have played this game by ourselves and after we infected all the world with the bacteria, the game restart allowing us to choose viruses, parasites, diseases as infections. However if you can’t infect the world at 100% the game ends.

Do you have the skills to complete it?  Take your chance and start playing it!

There is another feature in the game. You can also share your score online with your friends.

This is a good thing that promotes competition and challenge among friends.

plague 3



In the end, Plague Inc is an entertaining game with a unique and intriguing concept. It is a great game to play in your spare time learning with fun information about infections or how to stay safe during the current COVID-19 outbreak.


How to Play:

You can download it simply going to the store of your device or on the official website page of Plague Inc. at this link and then pressing on the button "Get it Now."


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Eng Live video:



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