HeL - Open qualifiers Season 2

Hello to all the Livegaming.it fans, we are here today to present you the Howling eSports League, Season 2 an event organized by Howling eSports for players located in Western European countries. Before to talk about the competition it's good to spend two words about Howling eSports, a croatian Association. Their goal is to continuously work in order to develop and spread the eSport awareness in the Balkan region. They born in September 2019 and actually they don't have yet a website but we can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Discord and Instagram,  or reaching them by email at the address: howlinges@gmail.com;

Howling eSports is a serious association that is not only having teams on several games but they also organize events! We have been able to find them through Challengermode, the esports platform we covered with an article on the past.

Today we are offering you the opportunity to join a 100% online League of Legend championship with a 1500€ prizepool. Let's start with the official presentation video:



League Overview

Howling eSports League is an amateur League of Legends league that is a follow-up from the first split of the successfully finished Overwolf Gaming Community League. Howling eSports League is open for players and teams from all European countries and will have 10 teams competing for a prize pool of 1500 EUR. The League will last for one month and will start with open qualifications, followed by regular season period and will end with playoffs and finals. The league will also be broadcasted on the official streaming platforms on a professional level and will be advertised through social networks, gaming televisions and other forms of advertising. The League is focused on development and advancement of eSports, granting teams and players the opportunity to professionalize their love and passion for eSports.




Howling eSports League informations and rules

  • Most important rules are going to be listen below. In order to get the full insight into the Howling eSports League, read the Rulebook;
  • Each team has to have a minimum of 3 players with residency of Europe, please read the Rulebook about this matter;
  • Competitive regions for HeL: all European countries;
  • Howling eSports League will be played on every Tuesday and Sunday afternoon, at previously determined times by the leagues officials;
  • Each team has to keep a minimum of 3 players from their final series that qualified them to proceed into the next round. Practically, if players A, B, C, D, E win one of the top 6 spots in the Open Qualifier, they have to feature at least players A, B and C in each of the following rounds as well as in the first eight rounds of HeL;
  • Each player that manages to qualify into HeL will have to prove his or her residency and sign a Player Service Agreement;
  • Each team that is qualified will have to sign a Participation Agreement. This agreement is the key for establishing prize-pool payouts and teams legal rights, which is why we underline the importance of having a legal entity as the team owner;
  • Organizations and owners that already own a spot in HeL are forbidden from entering any stage of the qualifiers;
  • Players promoted into HeL via the qualification tournament will not be able to join any other HeL teams for a duration of 1 HeL season;
  • Teams and players that successfully qualify to HeL will not be able to sell or otherwise trade their HeL spots. If the team is unable to fulfil any of the criteria needed for joining HeL, their spot will be forfeited back to the organizers;


Competition Rules and format:

  • Tournament is played on the EUW server;
  • Main goal of this qualification tournament is to determine 6 teams which will participate in the Howling eSports League;
  • Tournament format is going to be Single elimination until we reach quarter finals. Quarter finals will be played in the best of 3 series;
  • Top 4 teams are rewarded with the spot in the Howling eSports League;
  • 4 teams that lose their Best of 3 series in quarter finals, are eligible to play in another 4 team tournament which will determine another 2 teams to enter the Howling eSports League;
  • Maximum allowed pause per match per team is 15 minutes;
  • Players are responsible for their connection, hardware and power during any and all qualifer games. No remakes shall be issued for any of these listed reasons;
  • Any sign of verbal abuse, toxicity or unsportsmanlike behavior will result in warnings and/or disqualifications from the tournament. To avoid placeholders, please use ProDraft as the draft tool.



If you suspect on any kind of violation of Summoners code, or our very own Ethical code, feel free to contact the admins listed below. They will investigate the issue as soon as possible, and there will be zero tolerance for any kind of toxic behaviour.


Full Rulebook available HERE;


Details to keep in mind:

Region:  Western EU;

S2 Qualifier date: 15th June 2020  at 14:00 CEST;

Check-in period: 30 minutes before start;

Team Size: 5v5 + 2 substitutes;

Entry Fee: Free to enter;

Prize Pool: Top 6 teams qualify for HEL;

Tournament Format: Single Elimination, with bracket.





Credits to Howling eSports and Challengermode