Gem League S3

Guys and gals, welcome to the third season of the Gem League organized by Gameling, a Singaporean esports platform that we already know for the Pubg Gauntlet League. However here we are on Clash Royale again and with a league that is accessible for team from all over the world as Gameling offer regional groups during the first stages (qualifier and first stage).

We followed the first two episoded of this league (first edition was called Fireball Cup) and we saw how Ray Wong (Gameling CEO) demonstrated to be a great manager. He had been able to convert community feedbacks into reality, improving the quality of his leagues but without forgetting to keep things clear and simple also for amateur and semi pro teams. At Livegaming we give him a big credit for this and we want to help him spreading this league to all our readers. We are also aware that Supercell is not providing any big news for our loved game so we feel in needs to bring all the great news we find because we don't want to see this game dying.




Gem League 3 Overview


Qualifiers Stage

64 teams - Single Elimination Playoff
Brackets: Random Draft
Format: 3v3 KOTH, BO3
Duration: 3 weeks
Match-time: Self-arranged with Ref

Matchday 1 (28 Jun) - Round of 64
Matchday 2 (05 Jun) - Round of 32
Matchday 3 (12 Jul) - Round of 16

Final 8 teams will proceed to the Group Stages

Group Stage

32 teams - Round Robin
- 8 top teams from previous season
- 16 invited teams
- 8 qualified teams
Format: CRL Set (1v1 BO3, 2v2 BO3, 3v3 KOTH BO1
Duration: 2 weeks (3 days)
Match-time: Fixed (TBC)

Matchday 1 (18 Jul) - Round of 64
Matchday 2 (19 Jul) - Round of 32
Matchday 3 (25 Jul) - Round of 16

Top 2 teams from each group proceed to the Playoffs


16 teams - Double Elimination
Brackets: Seeded Playoffs
Format: CRL Set, BO3
Duration: TBC
Matchdays: TBC
Match-time: Fixed (TBC)

Top 4 teams will be rewarded with cash prizes 
Teams Ranked 5th - 8th will automatically qualify for group stages next season

Note: Teams are given a 5 minute break in between each CRL Set


League Prizepool




amounts are in Singapore Dollars.



League Rulebook 



1. A player can only play for ONE team throughout the season.
2. A team must consist of a minimum of 3 players to a maximum of 8 players.
3. Only registered players on the website/mobile app are eligible to compete in the league.
4. Each registered player must submit their CR Tag and names correctly.
5. In-game names (IGNs) can be renamed as long as it is corresponding to the CR Tag registered.




1. During the season, a team will be able to add players to the lineup if they have not used up the 8 players quota.
2. Each week, a team is able to make a substitution up to 2 players. Unused quota cannot be brought forward to following weeks.
3. Players that are substituted out can be substituted in again the following week.
4. Each substitution must adhere to the 1-Player-1-Team rule.



Deck/Card Play

1. All cards released by Clash Royale as of 10 June are playable.
2. New cards released by Clash Royale afte 10 June are considered permanent ban.
3. A player who has a banned card in the deck during game play will automatically deemed as a loss.
4. A player is able to change decks between each game.



Game Play

1. A team that does not show up after 10 minutes of scheduled match time will be walkover-ed by the opposing team.
2. Captains of both teams are to announce the lineup (with subs) at the start of the match (no later than the 10 minutes buffer time).
3. Each team or player is responsible for their internet connection and hardware. There is no rematch for any game glitches, lag or disconnection.
4. A player can play for all 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 KOTH (for a 3-men team composition).
5. Subs are allowed during match, however, not able to re-enter the lineup for the particular set (similarly to Football, unlike Basketball).
For instance: declaring Player A, B, C with Subs Player D & E.
If Player D subs in for Player B, Player B will no longer be eligible to play in the set.
6. Players are to request or accept the next match within 180s during the match. Failure to request or accept will result in forfeiting the game, award a game win for the opponent.
7. Any players deemed to be interrupting the game play by excessive spams or BM will receive a kick from the referee.


Match Result Reporting

1. The referee will be the one reporting the match result in the relevant results channel.
2. Team managers/captains are to check the match results reported.
3. Any mistakes in match result is to be reported to the Admin within 5 days. Disputes will not be entertained after 5 days.



Bad Sportsmanship

1. Teams that do not complete their assigned matches (even with no chance of qualifying) or giving opposing team a walkover will be temporary banned for 1 season.
2. Teams/Individuals that curse, swear or insult during game play will be warned by the referee or Admin for a maximum of 2 times. Further violations will result in a disqualification for the match for the whole team.
3. Teams/Individuals that perform excessive emote or clan chat spams will be warned by the referee or Admin for a maximum of 2 times. Further violations will result in a disqualification for the match for the whole team.
4. Teams/Individuals that publicly defame or make any negative comments about the league or staff will not be tolerated and will receive a permanent ban to the league and server.
5. Teams/Individuals are not to mock at opponents even with a big win. The league's staff has the right to warn the violating team. Repeated offenders will receive a permanent ban to the league and server.



Details to keep in mind


  • Gem League S3 will open the team registrations on Monday 15th June 2020 and they will be open till Sunday 21th June 2020. Ask your team captain or your team manager to create an account on or downloading the Gameling app from AppStore or Google Play store. Once done, look for the Gem League S3 page. (At the time of writing, that page is not available yet).  After this, confirm also your team in the Gem League discord server that you can access from here;
  • If you think your team is strong and with a good palmares, ask your team captain or manager to fill the invite form in order to be chosen as an invited team. Invited teams will be announced Monday 15th June 2020, so hurry up!
  • Are you struggling about how to create a team on Gameling, just take a look at this guide
  • Not only matches, Gem League is also watching other teams as Gameling staff also offer best match live show on their Youtube, Twitch or Mixer channels;
  • Are you a streamer looking for content to cast on your channel? Gem League is the right place for you! Join their discord server and  talk with Ray to organize things. He will provide you all the info you need and also the official Gem League overlay!



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