eSports Competitions with Challengermode

eSports are one of the top trends in the world from a while. Today, the videogame industry is far more developed compared the past decade. Videogames acts as the best source of entertainment nowadays with its large variety of features. One of them is esport.

The true thrill and excitement of videogames can be obtained through competing and challenging one another. Esports was developed keeping the same purpose in mind. For those who don’t know, Esports is a form of sporting competition in videogames. Players from all over the world can take part to matches created by an organization in order to win prizes or just for the fun to prove being the best in that game. Nowadays, esports has become a worldwide trend in which players can participate while staying at their homes or in local game centers. Today we can find many gaming platforms that are organizing online esports competitions for the thrill of gamers. Recently, staff found Challengermode a very great platform and we want to share it with you.



What is Challengermode?

If you are looking for the best online gaming platforms to test your gaming skills, Challengermode is the perfect place for you. This platform aims to promote esports throughout the world with its team of professionals. They gather gamers, organizers, and brands in a single place. They offer lot of features for each part but we will focus on the ones for players. Checking their website we can easily see how many esports competitions we can join everyday. What first stand out is that they offer tournaments that can be done in a couple of hours. At the time of writing, the featured games are: League of Legends, Counter Strike Global Offense, Dota 2, PUBG and Teamfight tactics.



Features of Challengermode:

  • Esports competitions adjusted for players of every rank;
  • Online, nationals or internationals esports leagues to prove our skills based on our level. Let’s improve till being a pro;
  • Frequent competitions spreaded all day long. Most gaming platforms organize competitions that need to be played for weeks and for many players this is very hard to be managed;
  • Tournaments created by the best esports organizers partner with Challengermode. We also have the opportunity to join their communities and chat with their members. Fnatic or the HP Omen brands are here too;
  • Owned leaderboard. Playing tournaments or matchmaking we can rank try to reach top positions and claim better rewards;
  • Simplified Tournament System (STS) where we can create our own tournaments or play challenging matches against our friends. All what we need to do is create a tournament, select a game, invite our friends with a link, and join the action;
  • eSport marketplace, where we can find premium services like Graphic Design, Casting or coaching lessons;
  • Safe transactions done through a separate portal.
  • Paid competitions for premium users with higher Prize pools.
  • 24/7 quick esports match. Most active and performing players get weekly rewards;
  • Daily ladder or rank matches on games like Dota or Lol. Daily top players get rewards;
  • Personal esport profile to keep and showcase our achievements so brands that are looking for new esport talents can find us;
  • Create our personal tournament without worrying about brackets, report scores and so on… all is managed by Challengermode platform;



How to play and conclusions:

In order to participate and play, we need to create an account on Challengermode website. It’s free and we can do all from this page

To register we need to be at least 18 years old if we want to withdrawn cash prizes. For free playing there is no age limit.

Now that we are signed in, we can click on our favorite game and going through the list we can see when esports competitions are hosted. Let’s register to the tournaments or leagues that fit our spare time. Inside each competition page we can see rules and all the match info. All very intuitive, simple and clear.



We believe Challengermode is a platform able to connect players, developers and brands in order to be beneficial for everyone. We can play in different esports competitions but also join teams, socialize, interact, and compete with other players across the world and why not, also make new friends. Improving our skills and obtaining good placements can give us the opportunity to collect some rewards for our performance and if we are lucky enough we could be scouted by an esport brand. With Challengermode is possible improving our skills with the help of professional coaches or again improving our online presence with the help of designers or casters. It’s a very innovative concept and we hope being able to transmit you the same thrill we had while joining this platform, as you are a semi pro or just an amateur looking for fun with some challenge that is not too much time consuming.

Always come back on to quench your thirst of new competitions #StaySafe