EGL, esports tournaments and more

Hi, passionate LiveGaming followers. As always we bring information about the latest happenings in the gaming world. Today we will talk about, a gaming platform designed by gamers, for gamer. It is a gateway to the most competitive video games of the modern-day.

European Gaming League was established in 2005, by Glen Elliot when the esports industry was developing its roots, and now hosts a portal for esports enthusiasts. It is an online arena created for us to play together, to compete in leagues and tournaments, watch some of the best live streams or online esports shows, play the most competitive video games and be a part of the ever-growing community of gamers.




Tournaments and competitions for everyone!

As soon as we land on the EGL website we see a very well designed interface and we are greeted by a pretty wide selection of tournaments and leagues. Among the most competitive video games offered on the site we can find: Call Of Duty Warzone, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, COD Mobile, Dota 2, Fortnite, Hearthstone, MINImax Tinyverse, PUBG Mobile, Fifa 20, Rocket League and also the new Valorant.

We are glad to see tournaments hosted by EGL that are free for all the members and they come with cash prizes too. This exhibits the platform’s passion for promoting top tier gaming in the esports industry. However on the platform we can find competitions hosted by third party organizers. Teams and players can also monitor their performances in the own EGL leaderboards.




Watch top-level action

EGL also allow us to spectate matches on their Twitch and Youtube channels. At the time of this writing, there are over 30,000 followers on both channels. EGL also post clips of the top plays to showcase talented players and this increase our chance to get noticed by an esport talent scout.


Team Finder



Another main EGL feature is its “Team Finder” . This allows us to find players that match our skill level.

Every player can post the following details in his EGL profile page on the site: in-game levels/ranks, region and favourite game formats. These information are visible to everyone so players can easily build a team. It is a great service that connects gamers from all over the world within one common platform.


Updated with the latest news

Aside from providing top-level action in the most competitive video games, EGL want to keep their users updated with the latest facts happening in the esports industry. They do that via their news section let’s give a look..





We are highly impressed by all the services offered by EGL and by their vert intuitive interface. They host tournaments for the most competitive video games and allow players to take their passion to the next level. Their logo, the champions helmet, truly embodies what gaming is about; fearlessness, hunger, self-belief, attitude, skill and pride. Livegaming hopes you find this article useful as you want to jump into the action for fun or as you do it to strengthen your path to the pro level. Don’t forget to come back here or follow our social pages for other awesome esport discoveries.


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