COD Modern Warfare Competition by VPG

We are happy to announce a new esport tournament on Call of Duty Modern Warfare tournament organized by Queens Park Rangers, an UK Football Association and you can know more about them on their official website.

This competition is for Ps4 and Xbox user and it's free to enter.  Teams will be composed by 2 players versus other 2, battling on the Search and Destroy mode.

The group stages will kick off on Saturday 6th June,  with the final being contested one week later. A cash prize of £200 will be awarded to the winning team and you can enter your team by simply completing the form at this page.


In order to register for this competition, we need to download the Virtual Pro Gaming (VPG) app and create a free account:

Click here to download VPG for iOS;

Click here to download VPG for Android.





Tournament Rules


Every team will join a group of four teams. and they will compete against other teams in their group. Top two classified teamss from each group will progress to second stage.

Call of Duty enables PS4 and Xbox One players to compete together and against one another.

Search & Destroy is an online game mode on Call of Duty that sees teams take turns to either plant or diffuse a bomb in a specific location on a map.

In each round of Search & Destroy, every player has one life. If you are killed then you are out until the next round begins.

First team to win six rounds will win the match.

Call of Duty is PEGI 18, meaning it is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.




In order to join, all we have to do is filling the form at the mentioned page and downloading the APP at the link we wrote in the paragraph before.  Also we need to keep in mind that we must use our  PSN/Xbox Live gamer tags for us and our teammate.  The VPG app will be used to communicate with our opponents and to confirm our scores.

Once we have entered, we will receive a next steps email. Please, note this will not be sent immediately and may take up to 48 hours to arrive.

The next steps email will provide some more information on the tournament, including more detail on the schedule and rules. We must remember also that the schedule may be subject to change. Any changes in schedule will be communicated to us via email.


Dates and Timings:

The groups stages of the tournament will be contested from 14:00 British time on Saturday 6th June. Every team will play three group-stage matches on this day (June 6th).

Match one: 2pm (BST)
Match two: 3pm (BST)
Match three: 4pm (BST)
After the group stages have been completed, the second stage rounds will start on the evening of Monday 8th June (8pm BST) and the following rounds will be contested every night until the final on Saturday 13th June.





Like we said before, 200£ to the winning team!



Anyone found to be behaving in an inappropriate or offensive manner will be removed immediately from the tournament. If you witness any inappropriate behaviour, please report it to our Safeguarding Manager Janet Barr

________ hope you can have fun with this event and you can share it with your friends in order to get more fun.  Thanks also to QPR for hosting it and we credit them for the rulebook and the relative info.