Asian City League 2020 3v3

Clashers, welcome back to the first league dedicated to the Asian region!  It is now Season 2, Hooray !!

LooT introduces this new league format for players from Asia and beyond!
In this season, 2 new slots (cities) will be open to grab in qualifier to join the 8 cities of Season 1.
Each spot will represent a city of Asia Pacific:

Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, Islamabad , Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi, Jakarta and another 2 from qualifier!

How to qualify and how the teams will be formed?

Each city team will be composed of:

- A minimum of 3 players from their respective country: Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Malaysia, India and Indonesia.
- 1 additional player from Asia
- 1 additional player from anywhere in the world
- 1 Manager: In charge of the communication with LooT. The manager can be one of the player or an additional person.

Ex: The top 1v1 player from Japan and the top TPD player from Japan will be added to the Tokyo slot. They will then choose a Manager, 2 additional players and their team name. (Ex: Tokyo Warriors , Taipei KIX ...)

Date and Timing: Jun 2, 2020 14:00  (GMT+8, Singapore time)
Game Mode: 3v3
Prize: 300 USD cash prize ; 2 new cities
Tournament Format: Single Elimination



Step 1: Open qualifier to all players (Worldwide)

- 1v1 qualifier (bracket) : June 2 - Please register to the dedicated page
- 1v1 qualifier (in game tournament): June 3 - Please register to the dedicated page
- Triple draft mode (in game tournament): June 4 - Please register to the dedicated page

Step 2: 3 players from top 2 cities ( average rank in qualifier ; new city ) will be auto selected.

Step 3: All 10 teams will pick their additional players ; new formed team will need a manager. From May 28 to June 2 .

Step 4: Regular Season: Starts on June 9
Step 5: Playoffs


Qualifiers format:

1v1 bracket : Single Elimination / No Ban / Each matches are Bo3

1v1 In game tournaments : 1 hour / 5 max loses / Level 9

TPD : 1 hour / 5 max loses

Round Robin format (League):
Best of 3 Sets and Best of 3 games - 2v2, TPD, 1v1
Top 4 teams qualify to the Winner Bracket
No.5 - 8 will go to Loser Bracket

Playoff format:
Double Elimination
Best of 5 Sets and Best of 3 games - 2v2, TPD , 1v1, 1v1, 3v3 KoH

Additional Rules:
3 players must be played in League Phase.
Each 1v1 set must be played by a different players. ( Playoff )
The league is open to amateurs and semi-pros, the league is not open to CRL players.
Oceania will be counted as a Asia cities in this tournament.

Term and Condition:
Triple Draft Mode are subject to change (Due to availability).
We will save the right to check every player nationality proof and disqualified team if any players are not from the country they claim to represent.
Account Sharing is forbidden.
Organizer own the right for final changes and ultimate decisions.