Online Competitions


How can we spend our days without getting bored? We can do many interesting things but for us the funniest is to play video games and win rewards!

Instead of just playing alone, we can take part in online video game competitions to show our gaming skills or having fun with friends or why not, make new ones. Do we want to add more juice? Of course yes.

Are you aware that on the net there are platforms for video game competitions where it is possible to win prizes defeating other players? One of them is the Spanish “ArenaGG” and in this article we feature it.





ArenaGG is an online platform where players from all over the world can join and compete on a big variety of games. We can find video game competitions for League of Legends, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, FIFA20, Fortnite, Brawl Stars, Counter-Strike: GO, Mobile Legends, Rainbow Six: Siege, PUBG Mobile, Clash Royale, and many others. ArenaGG it’s not limited to only a specific console but it’s for PC, Mobile, PS4 or Xbox Gamers. Ending those video game competitions with a good ranking let us earn some ArenaGG coins. These coins are the digital currency used on the platform and we can spend those to receive prizes or several customizations for our account. Let’s give a look to the prizes. Not that bad right??? However the first thing we can see on ArenaGG website is that it’s all in Spanish language and there is no way to switch to another language. However, the words used are pretty simple so if we translate it with our browser-translating feature we can easily understand all.

In order to win those prizes, we need to sign up an ArenaGG. When our account is created, firstly we need to fill our profile tab with the “in-game” info we are using in every game we want to compete. These info are: our game name, game tag, team name and so on… basically all the info that are useful for ArenaGG to recognize that our "in game account” is matching the one we registered in ArenaGG. When this is done, we can start the action going to the “Juegos” page and then we select the game we want to look for video game competitions. Before to jump into the battle, it’s good to click on the league name and check the rules to be aware of possible limitations.




Main ArenaGG Features:


  • Free account for every player. (How to get an account? Check instructions);
  • Events free to join;
  • In order to get an account you must be at least 14 years old;
  • Opportunity to Win prizes;
  • Compete with players from different regions and improve your skills;
  • Trusted video game competitions platform powered by LVP (an esports organization for Pro Gamers);
  • Players can organize friendly team matches in several formats 1 v 1, 2 v 2, or 5 v 5;
  • Yearly main event with 5 figures prize pool;
  • Top-rated, high quality challenging games list that are registered to official ESport leagues;
  • Competition ranks moved in divisions with the opportunity to win coins each time you reach a new division.


GG Series:

The main ArenaGG video game competition is called GG Series. ArenaGG select few games where they notice more activity and they create a calendar with several qualification tournaments for each of the selected game.



Every team can join these tournaments at said date and timing, challenging with other teams in order to get more points possible. At the end of the qualification tournaments, the eight teams with the highest scores will enter the playoff round. Like always, this final stage is with direct elimination matches and only 1 team will remain. The total prize pool for the 2019 GG Series edition was 11,000€ splitted among the top team for each of the selected games. We are eager to see what will happen in this 2020 edition because we know that ArenaGG powered by LVP can do really great things and that’s why we wanted to share this opportunities with our readers.


How to Join ArenaGG:

  • Let's go the the ArenaGG website;
  • After going to the site, the first thing to do is to register yourself. So, just follow some simple steps, add some info and voila, you are in;



  • After login, you can take a look at the games, tournaments, news or items in the store;





We hope you loved our ArenaGG review and while improving your skills you can get ton of prizes too.

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